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My story

Sexual violence is the most Earth-shattering and world view altering experience to endure. But speaking as somebody who endured it and came out the other side a more compassionate, stronger woman - you will be ok. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or the next day, but eventually you will be.

Dear reader, the following story contains language of self-harm that some may find triggering or discomforting.

My Dad - My Hero, My Idol, My Abuser.......

You are not your story. Your story does not define you. Your story is simply a piece of you. The journey of healing may be dark at times but there is always hope and always help.
Us survivors are all the same. Regardless of our experience we are all incredible. You never know who you are inspiring by simply getting up in the morning.

Women should always help other women

Healing means get justice & making sure that what i faced no one else should face in that company in near future.

we were kids

we broke each others hearts, but eventually i found another person. eventually i thought i was better than what she made me feel. eventually i did heal (to an extent. im not entirely healed yet.) so thats something, right?

“We believe you. Your stories matter.”


I'm hesitant to call it what it was because I'm not ready to admit that someone who I love and trust so much did that to me. I don't know why I didn't stop him. I never said yes to my best friend touching me while we were sharing a bed, but I never said no either. If someone else told me my story, I'd tell them it's not their fault and that they're so strong. Yet, I just feel weak and I've lost trust in myself more than anything.

I hope you heal and find safety

I think for many people healing from sexual assault is possible. Surround yourself with love, seek treatment giving yourself the space to do the work free of negativeinfluence, and find purpose. For me I am not sure i will ever heal. The extent and continuance of sexual abuse in my personal life and from strangers makes it difficult to know. If your family has been integral in sexual about I can say distance, ceasing contact with hem helps a mountain over acceptance or forgiveness.


I honestly don’t believe I will ever be healed from this. I will always be damaged.

The night I didn't know I'd be raped.

Healing takes time, effort, and self-love. Never give up on yourself. Some days you may take 10 steps forward and another day you may feel like you are taking 20 steps back. As long as you continue to push forward you will find meaning and happiness in your life again.

I was defined as a drug addict and prostitute, who I was was a mental health clinician who never did drugs.

You are not alone. It can happen to anyone. It was done to you and there is no shame in that. You had no choice, you had no control and you had to survive however that looked like.

If you are reading this, you have survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.

i was 16

i dont know i wish it was easy though


Trust your body.
You've got big reason to feel disconnected from you right now
But your body always has your best interests in mind 💖
Someone was unkind to you in a way you never deserved
Please offer yourself extra love, kindness, and tenderness as you heal

That Trip Abroad where Everything Changed

Healing is sharing a story so personal, that you have only shared it once with a handful of people. Only to realize that they will listen, but not help you heal from the trauma. It takes a community of survivors.

The abuse of old Name from Organization

Together, we are creating a safer world for woman to thrive.

Every passing minute, life just gets harder

I think that without hope, we have nothing. It gives us the strength to persevere through difficult times. We can do this, I know we can.

You are surviving and that is enough.

9 years later

I was raped several times in college by my then-boyfriend. I was incredibly in love with him, and it was my first relationship. I remember thinking maybe what was happening was "normal" because I had never dated before and didn't know any better. It caused me to spiral deep into alcohol use and I ended up being hospitalized several times as a result. He would always get angry at me for bringing up that I wanted to report him or seek help, and kept telling me if I sought help, he'd be raped in prison and we'd never have a future together. He wo...

David D

We are worthy of love and support !!! Keep your head up and moving forward. The future is yours to make!!

Victim Shaming by a judge

Healing is me slowly but surely putting this behind me. Me taking it one day at a time.

Letter to my "friend"

Remember that you are not alone, no matter how alone you feel

9 years later...

Healing for me is using this to empower others to come forward and face the people that hurt them. Because I wish I had the same courage to tell someone and seek help then. A whole lifetime ago.

We believe in you. You are strong.

I was kidnapped and raped

You are loved and it is not your fault, it will never be your fault. I am proud of you for making it this far

Dear reader, the following story contains language of self-harm that some may find triggering or discomforting.


I never thought I would get over the first rape I experienced. I was in bed crying, depressed and so often would breakdown during sex with other partners. It felt like the only thing on my mind and I couldn't be present otherwise. But with therapy and time I am in such a better place and have learnt so much and I love my life. You'll get through this.

Survivor's Story

It is not your fault, it's not what you are wearing, what you said, what you did, it is not your fault. You are an amazing person and the only person at fault for what happened to you is them. <3

How my innocence was stolen from me.

Hello, I'm going to be sharing my stories because these moments haunt me more than anything.
1, He was my long-distance/online boyfriend, i was 13 and he was 16 (already a red flag). we decided to meet up, he came to my state and I had to sneak him in when my parents were at work and his parents stayed in a nearby hotel. I was so happy that I finally got to see my boyfriend then he started asking if i wanted to have sex with him and I said "no, im not ready" and he said "okay lets just cuddle then." I cuddled with him on my bed and she was gri...

My name is First Name

Lets share our stories❤️ I believe you.

“I really hope sharing my story will help others in one way or another and I can certainly say that it will help me be more open with my story.”

Report Abuse or tell a friend, By Case Number

The 1960's 1970's etcetera was a long time ago so tell your story as Law Enforcement could learn and protect kids much better. Maybe someday I will have an identity besides victim: Case Number

A Memory That Replays Every Time She Closes Her Eyes

I hope everyone can take something away from my story, anything, survivor or not.
It’s important to be there for people and always have their best interest in mind. You never know what people are going through and that is something I always consider. Keep an eye on your friends, family and strangers, we are all human.


i am here. i care. i believe you.


I was 7 when it started. It started with him inserting/grinding his genitalia between my thighs while I was playing. This would escalate to him asking me to give him a head. This went on for years and I don't remember when it ended. I haven't even told my parents about this yet. My whole family trusted him so much. He ow living a successful life while I am still plagued by the memories every day. What sins have I committed to deserve this?

cocsa survivor

I am a survivor of child on child sexual abuse. this started when I was around 6, I would have sleepovers at my grandparents house with my cousin, we would often stay in the living room while our grandparents were in their room. We would have blankets and pillows set up in front of the tv, i remember the first time it happened i felt really weird, she was only a year older than me but she pulled the blanket over us and she asked if i wanted to play a game, i said yes and she grabbed my hand and pulled it into her pants and on her private p...

“It can be really difficult to ask for help when you are struggling. Healing is a huge weight to bear, but you do not need to bear it on your own.”

story of a broken college student

you are not alone. you do not need to feel ashamed. this is not your fault. coping looks different for everyone, you can talk as much or as little about your experience as you feel comfortable with. something i wish i had heard earlier in my healing process is just because you didnt report it or recognize what was happening in the moment does not make it any less valid or real. you will get through this 💗

Safety Exit